Vermiform Press eagerly presents these new titles and author vignettes. (Disclaimer: We are pretty sure about  author data,  haven’t finished the books.)


            ‘Kharma, Shmarma’ is the hilarious story of Shirley Kramer’s two year odyssey in a Tibetan monastery, after boarding the wrong flight at LAX.  Her adventures setting up a glatt kitchen, raising money for air conditioning, a new prayer wheel,  UJA, hardwood floors, will keep you chuckling.  The lama’s bris  alone is worth the price of the book. ($9.95 at Marshall’s, compare at $39.95.)


            Paul de la Croix scores another thriller in ‘Debit, Credit or ATM’, the latest in the  Ed Whelen series,  hard-boiled detective at the largest  Walmart’s in Rock Springs, Wyoming.  When a lovely young checker and the assistant manager miss work the same week, Ed discovers the manager’s pre-employment background investigation failed to disclose multiple unpaid parking tickets and a bounced check to the Elk’s New Roof Fund.  Whelen stalks the seamy underside of Rock Springs- corrupt parking enforcement, for-sale building code inspectors, a mysterious 1 cent sale at Lowe’s. That the checker resigned to start  junior college,  the manager off on a comp-time fishing trip,  was  concealed by a malicious data input clerk.  Jealous of the checker, who bested her in the Purim chile cook-off, angry at the manager who loaded her screen-saver with an image of Ann Coulter, she seeks revenge. A savage indictment of criminal IT.  Paul is now at work on ‘Behind the Badge’, his non-fiction account of a cadet’s grueling two week security guard course.


            Tensor calculus mavens will line up to buy ‘Boolean Algebra for the Developmentally Disabled’, by Sanford Hanzie, star NBA guard.  ‘Sandy’ refutes alarmists who claim Boole sought to undermine lineal algebra integers.  The appendix, ‘Boolean  Logical Constants in the Play-Offs’, puts you in the game!


            Remember, these buy-at-sights are available now, barring another warehouse fire.