The Camera Shop


Welcome to Blitz Photo, where satisfaction is guaranteed or it’s free!  My name’s Kevin!


Hi…Kevin, well, I—


What’s your name?


I—my name’s Bill.


Bill, it’s great to meet you!  What brings you to Blitz?


I have a camera, and—


What kind of camera?


I’ve got it here…


The SD-T4500!  Great camera!  So what’s up?


It keeps reading lens error when you turn it on.


Hmm…yep, lens error.  Ouch.


Can it be fixed?


No problem.  Did you get it from us?


I got it for my birthday—


When was your birthday?


Uh, May…fourteenth.


Taurus, huh?  Did you get damage protection?




Damage protection.  Our extended coverage.


I don’t know…My daughter bought it for me.


Do you have the receipt?


I didn’t want to ask.


We have a thirty-day exchange policy, Bill.  Now if she bought the damage protection plan—


It’s June thirteenth.


So it’s going to be over. 


But if she got it on my birthday—


That’s the first day.  But stay positive!  Let me get our repair estimates guide.


Does this happen a lot?


What, lens error?  Pretty common.




If you dropped it, or like if the power button went on in your pocket.


I’ve used the camera twice!  Once on my birthday—


Okay, here we go, the SD-T4500.  Now for most situations, our flat rate covers all repair.  It’s one hundred and fifteen dollars.


A hundred and fifteen dollars.




Uhm, that’s my camera in your case right there, right?


Yes, yes it is.


That camera, right there.  Priced for ninety-nine dollars.


Yeah, well, we’re running a Flag Day sale.  It’s normally a hundred nineteen dollars.


So the repair normally costs as much as a new camera.


Bill, it’s third-world mass-production verse first-world, unionized, labor!


How long would it take?


Sometimes it’s really quick.  Six to eight weeks.


I’ve had it for four.


Now, Bill, if you want to send it to the manufacturer under the warrantee—




You’d have to send it with the receipt.  And they’d have to figure out what happened.  They only cover defect.


And then they’d fix it?




How long?


A couple months.


Uh huh.  And if I bought a new camera?


Now that would be my suggestion, Bill.  You wouldn’t have to tell your daughter anything.


And I could get my camera for ninety-nine dollars?


You could, but I wouldn’t leave without the damage protection.


How much?


You can go economic, okay, fifty dollars for two-years, or the value-plan, which is a hundred dollars for five years.


That’s all?  For a ninety-nine dollar camera?


You can get it fixed a hundred times in five years and it won’t cost you a cent more!






Do they break down that often normally?


It doesn’t matter with damage protection!  So can I set you up with the five-year?


Kevin, I’ve never spent two hundred dollars on a birthday present for myself.  There’s only one thing I want from you.


What’s that, Bill?


A new slogan.