It’s time we acknowledge the ugly truth: the English language discriminates against “the left” and until there is equality for all; there will be no justice!

You can be right or left-handed and even be right or left-brained but shouldn’t we do what is right?  If we don’t, what will be left?

Our Bill of Rights listed in the first ten Amendments of the Constitution give us the right to free speech and press, to assemble peacefully and to petition the Government for redress.  We do not have the left to do anything.

We are told to do the right thing, give the right answer and to do it at the right time.  We can be right at home, go right through and do so right after lunch unless it is right behind you.  In which case, you had better be in the right mind at the right moment or it will serve you right.

There are right whales but enough about Rush Limbaugh. 

You can play an upright piano if you’re the right-hand man.  It can cut right to the bone and be right cold outside but that just wouldn’t be right.

All kinds of things can have rights: workers, women, animals, patents, water, states, humans and property…but not gays.

Rights can be custodial, inalienable, constitutional, reproductive, reserved, exclusive, civil and equal but again, not if you’re gay.  You have the right to carry a concealed weapon, privacy, asylum, trial by a jury and to make one phone call.

We want the right to know, live, work and die and we want to do it with Mr. or Ms. Right.  We do chicken right and it is righteous. 

Do you have the right of way, the right to enter or the right to an attorney?  I would tell you right now but I’m not sure you have the right stuff or if you are the right man or woman for the job.  Is it right to put it right if you’re in the right but it seems to run right to the edge so live right, behave right, be right over because the price is right.

Rights can be exercised, exerted, denied, demanded, protected, defended, reserved, sued for, lost and violated.

But lefts; well it’s hard if you left a mark.  If you’re from the Left Coast, your heart might be left in San Francisco or you may be left inside, left behind or left standing or come out of left field.

A lot of shoes have been left to fill and a lot has been left unsaid.  I’d rather eat leftovers and be left in stitches than to be left for dead.  It’s better to be left alone or to have nothing left to lose but it left a lot to be desired.

You can make a left, be on the left or left to tell the tale but if you never left then nobody’s left and there’s nothing left to say.

Right on.