Things I Cannot be Trusted With?


When couples have been together a while, often they can accurately  predict each other’s behaviors, moods, and opinions.  Some even develop shorthand methods for communicating.

Our son is  friends with a very clever girl,  who deftly analyzed all  of his annoying traits and  devised a code to facilitate communication. For example,  when she wants him to stop analyzing her every single act,   she simply says,  “Number one!” When she peevishly says, “Number two”, that means she wants him to quit whining about his job, and so forth. He, however, fails to appreciate the elegance of this approach.       

A shared history also reveals your partner’s strengths and weaknesses. Through hard experience, my wife has learned all the things with which I am not to be trusted. Generally these are things that  I can spill,  lose, break,  forget, stain, injure myself with, or require the use of willpower.   Some examples are as follows: