To My Dear Friends and Family,


Wow, has it really been another year? Im sure youre all wondering who made the honor roll this year. Well guess what? Its been a great year for all our children -- Little Priscilla, Prescott, Alexander and Courtney-Brittany. All four, star students.


We started off the year with a fabulous skiing trip to Utah. Courtney-Brittany is still on the Bunny-Hill, but the big news is . . . shes potty trained! (though still making a bit of poopy in her undies each morning).


Alexander is playing the Trumpet now. And Little Priscilla is still doing ballet. So, the house is a sea of toots and tutus!


Its hard to believe how big Prescott is getting. Hes earned 53 cub scout badges and he scored 70 goals in soccer, a remarkable comeback after recovering from an unfortunate incident of being thrown out of the school bus.


My life has certainly been exciting. Ive changed jobs! I am an executive assistant in an alternative medical facility. And I have discovered colonic irrigation! Definitely, a must doo.


We had a glorious summer vacation in our cottage in Sparta, New Jersey. Courtney-Brittany caught 4 toads. Alexander caught a butterfly. Prescott caught Herpes V.


Tom had a benign cyst removed from the back of his neck, 3/8 of a centimeter in from the shoulder injury he suffered last year. It caused him some pain, but the thoropharactalenzaterine is a wonder drug.


Muffin Chops, our beloved beagle, has finally fully recovered from his eyelid surgery, and in September we all welcomed Whiskerbiddle (on my lap in the picture) our new tabby. She lost her tail her first week here, but Courtney-Brittany found it, so we have it hanging on our bulletin board.



Yes, life is busy. Weve been so swamped, what with the school activities, trips, after school work, my new job, and the house that weve only done the nasty four times this whole year (and Tom premature ejaculated for 2 of them).



Were so thankful for our blessings and our good fortunes. Hope this letter finds you happy and in good health!



Mary Farnsworth