History in a nutshell.

For those of you who can only read 149 characters or need an app to buy a bus ticket these short lectures will be eze 4 u. Never again will you text WTF Where wuz I when history is referenced on your home page. We hope to cover prehistory, medieval history, the world wars, and the cold war, which is not to be confused with Global warming.

Prehistory: Before iphones some dude signed his tag in a cave. He hunted, he killed everything he found. He didn't pay taxes.

Medieval History: Kings and Queens ruled the neighbourhood. The dude hunted, he killed everything he found. He paid a lot of taxes.

World Wars: The Germans wanted the neighbourhood. The hood said, "It ain't happenin' bro." The dude killed everything then he paid his taxes - twice.

Cold war: The Bro in the big house was feudin'. The dude wanted to kill everything.  They doubled his taxes.

The next lecture series will touch on the big bang theory (It ain't rocket science), evolution (All that hair gotta come from somewhere bro), religion (Gettin' into da big house) and quantum mechanics which is interchangeable with motorcycle mechanics.

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And for those of you who want to subscribe, later in the year we may cover some famous people. Steve Jobs, Eleanor Roosevelt , Ghandi and The Hoff.

Nutshell histories - Something we can all understand!