Dear Fellow Colleagues at Midas Touch, LLP;

I am acutely grateful to be part of such a dynamic team focused on fulfilling our clients’ wildest financial dreams. Everyone at Midas touches me deeply.

Ahem. Guess what? I'm retiring effective September 15, 2014. Whoopee for me! Break out the hooch!

You may wonder, “Why, ole boy? Why pack it in now? When you’re at the top of your game?”

The answer may indeed seem like a crock of reeking donkey manure, but here goes… I want to spend more some time with my family. “Surely you jest!” you say.

Numbers don’t lie. My family informs me that deposits to them and earned interest are in the crimson. I owe time to my beautiful (much younger) wife (and her assets) before I’m in diapers 24/7 and can’t remember the word for “fork.” If I’m really nice, she promises to introduce me to our children and encrypted passwords.

It has indeed been my pain pleasure privilege to work with every one of you (even the contemptible milksops, principled cowards, and terminal dolts. You know who you are). Over these past fifteen years (which feels like a mere fifty), I, like you, have been waiting forever for this merry moment.

I leave you knowing that we at Midas Touch have made a beneficial contribution to our clients’ fiscal health and only occasionally incurred bankruptcies, crippling lawsuits, and lengthy incarcerations (sorry, Frank and Joe).

Risk! Risk is what life is all about. And ROI.

As you snipe at each other in the break room daily and decapitate each other in staff meetings, think of me and smile. Some day – if you play your cards right - you’ll be in your happy place, too.

C’est la Vie and Carpe Diem,” I say!

My best to you all at Midas Touch and remember… retirement means never having to say you’re sorry.


Curtis L. Fyte