Psychology Tips for Getting Out of Your Own Way

Arm yourself with the skills and mental approach to manage whatever life throws at you! Problems are a part of life – but these tips can help you get out of your own way and back on the path to enjoy life!

On Fidelity: A married man may one day admit to himself “I wouldn’t mind sleeping with my boss’s wife”. Pursuing this doesn’t have to be a shameful revelation that wrecks your marriage and ruins your career but approach it in a way that lets you have your cake and eat it too! I made my dream a reality the day I become self-employed – and kept my personal integrity intact!

Are you a hypochondriac? Don’t “label” yourself just because you’re “always coming down with something”- look beyond your behavior – and only declare yourself a hypochondriac if the voices in your head are coughing all the time.

Bad Customer Service: Studies show that bad customer service can be so infuriating it can actually trigger the seven stages of grief! Shock, anger, disbelief – the full gamut! Don’t let his ruin your day but simply get past the first six and focus on the seventh and final stage - “hope”. Take a breath, look at the clerk that was just rude to you and say “I HOPE – you die”. You’ll feel much better!

Self-Improvement: This is a buzzword I took to heart and decided to do something about my fear of drowning. I have an irrational fear of being trapped in a car underwater and submerged so I developed my own self-therapy: Every time I go through a car-wash, I imagine for the next three minutes I’ve just driven into a lake. Even though I’m still at the point that for the whole car wash I’m screaming at the top of my lungs – I’ve learned how common this fear is – each time I’ve done it, the person I’m with is just as terrified!

Depression: Thankfully I’ve never had to struggle with this but for my friends and family or anyone that may be approaching their “lowest moment” I always recommend going to the dollar store and buying a water gun. This is because drinking from a water pistol tastes weird – which is good, because it keeps your mind off the foreshadowing.

In summary, to be happy go out and do what you really enjoy, pursue your passion! I personally like going to big sporting events in HUGE stadiums – it’s exhilarating to bring an air-horn into the men’s room. And as a final piece of advice, when you’re in there – ALWAYS check for paper (you don’t want to be the guy walking out of the stall with no socks).

When life’s obstacles show up there’s always more than just the obvious path and these tips are to guide you towards the general direction of a successful solution. May you have success in life and be blessed with very loyal and patient friends and family!