Robert Benchley Society Humor Award Dinner

Pete's Tavern

Pete's Tavern first opened its doors in 1864. From that date to today, it has remained open. This achievement makes Pete's both an official historical landmark and the longest continuously operating bar and restaurant in New York City. Not even Prohibition force Pete's to close its doors: it remained open disguised as a flower shop. Pete's is proud of its history and steadfastly maintains its traditions. It looks as exactly the as same as when its most celebrated regular O. Henry wrote the classic Gift of the Magi here at his favorite booth by the front doors, in 1904.
Pete's Tavern, 129 East 18th Street at Irving Place, in the mid 1920s disguised as a flower shop.
Mr. Christopher Morgan, RBS Archivist, presents the 2007 Robert Benchley Society Award for Humor to Mr. Daniel Montville for his essay How to Write a Book, under the gaze of our sixteenth President and great liberator.