Robert Benchley Society
Ann Arbor "A Moderate State of Preservation" Chapter

Ann Arbor, Wednesday, May 24, 2006

On May 23,2006 the Michigan Beta chapter of the Robert Benchley Society, called “A Moderate State of Preservation” met in informal session at the Ypsilanti Public Library.

The occasion for the gathering was the showing by the Ypsilanti Library of 14 Robert Benchley shorts including 1928s “The Treasurers Report”. Mr Benchley was the writer and performer in this first full leanth sound movie. It was attended by a small but vocal group headed by Mr Ben Malczewski, Assistant Librarian for Media, who’s gracious manner welcomed the viewers to a fun filled two hours. Also in attendance were Mr. Thomas Saunders, Director of the Michigan branch of the Society and a Director of the Robert Benchley Society;Mr Jesse “Sinatra” Kincade, noted entertainer and organizer of the evenings affair;Mr Jerry Partovich, a new member of the Society and Dr Teri Saunders, Chiropractor to the stars.

After obtaining new members information a plan was made to have a formal meeting at the end of the summer. Mr. Malczewski offered the facilities of the Ypsilanti Library for the meeting. The details are uncertain at this time but will be forwarded when completed.

A repeat of the shorts will in all likelihood be on the program with a reading of the winning entry in the recent Benchley Society Writing competition. All members of the Society are invited.

Respectfully submitted.

Thomas J. Saunders
Director:”A Moderate State of Preservation”
Robert Benchley Society
Beta Chapter